How are the ranking determined....How do I increase my rank?

How are the ranking determined…How do I increase my rank?

I believe rank is determined by how many chips you have. If you want a higher rank acquire more chips.

Yep, that is currently true. From the knowledge base:

How is player rank calculated?

At the moment the ranking is based purely on how many chips you have, and is updated each day at midnight CST. We have plans to improve it to make it a better reflection of player skill.

Is this still true? My rank updated mid day and there was some acronym such as CPP or something along those lines when I received the notification.

Still true, though we do have RPP levels now that you earn at the tables. Those levels also allow you to unlock new achievements. Here’s an article about it!

Seems like it updates hourly… but if you really want rank…
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