how does this site calculate pot size?

So, betting is coming around the table and there is betting and raising and I then bet “pot” and the amount I bet is larger than the pot and even larger than the pot if you calculate my call then add the numbers up to pot size???

When you bet the pot, it’s the total of the present pot + the total bets around the table + your own call. If there’s a particular situation where something looked off, please feel free to share the replay or a screenshot and we’ll take a look.

It seems like it also includes any rake that has been taken out as being part of the pot. So if the pot is 9,750 and there was 250 rake taken, a pot sized bet according to the pot button is 10,000.

so you are actually counting bets twice…why?


No, the chips are not counted twice.

The bets are part of the pot, even though they are not placed in the pot.

In this hand, the present pot is shown as 1,140 and rake is 60. Rake is also effectively part of the pot because it doesn’t get taken until the end.

The pot of 1,200 plus the 3 x 100 bet, plus my call of 100 is 1,600, therefore if I want to make a pot sized raise, it will cost me 1,700, - Call 100 and raise 1,600.

If this hand was checked to me, the pot bet would be 1,200, as love2eattacos predicted.



I know there was a thread on this not long ago, but I can’t find it now, so…

The “pot” button isn’t working right.

I was in a tourney, blinds 30/60, it folds around to me, I hit the “pot” button, and it bets 210. At this point, only the small blind and big blinds are in the pot, total 90.

I didn’t save the hands, but I tried it more than once, and this should be easy to duplicate.

If there is 90 in a pot, as there was, a pot sized bet should be 90, not 210.

Here’s a screen shot from later in the tourney. There is clearly 2,000 in the pot, but the pot button gives 4100.


Your call of 60 chips is added to the pot first which makes is 150 so the pot raise is 150 raise + the 60 call totalling up to 210

That makes no sense. How many times you gonna count that 60 call? You counted it once to make the pot 150, you can’t count it again.

There was 90 in the pot. A pot size bet should be 90.

OK, I finally understand.

Since the BB is 60, I obviously can’t bet 90. They count my call, adding 60 to the 90 to get 150, so my pot size bet is 150 + the 60 which was counted, but not yet in the pot. So I pay the 150 + the 60 that takes it to 150.

I was dropped on my head as a small child, it takes me awhile to understand things. Thanks for your patience.