Pot size calculation when everyone folds

If a player bets and everyone folds, the pot size and the amount of chips dragged to the player should be the pot size without the bet.

For instance, the pot size in the following hand should be 60k, not 80k.


Kinda screwy, but it looks like it made you complete the blinds before it considered the raise. BB was 40k, you also added 40K, which you had to pay to enter the pot at all, making the pot 80K. It then considered your 80K raise, which got the fold, so gave you the 80K pot. That seems like an odd way to go about it, but it looks like that’s the way they did it.

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SPG is correct, the size of the pot includes whatever it took to match the top other player’s bet. Everyone folded to your “Raise”, therefore it isn’t included in the pot.

Just as I think the pot calculation itself seems screwey, as SPG put it, so yes live it would seem that the pot doesn’t include any of your final bet size and thats what the dealer pushes to you.

Because its online and that can be done in a fraction of a second, I think therefore your “match” of the highest bet ends up included in the “Pot” you win, not any raise.