Have you ever struggled to think of a genuine, (Quality)Topic Subject to post in the forum?

Have you ever struggled to think of a genuine, (Quality)Topic Subject to post in the forum?

My goal has been to post weekly a Topic subject discussion with great quality that will help everyone, including myself to learn from. I try to alternatively, weekly post a topic discussing Poker Strategy’s/Discussions & other off topics that are fun.

There has been a few times, I just felt the creativity in me to do so wasn’t there. Then something or someone comes along and wakes me up.

One example a few month’s ago when I decided, I just wasn’t going to meet my goal an amazing thing happened. A great friend commented on a Topic and said his friend taught him, it’s not about the quantity of topics but the quality instead for the benefit of the community.

This one post taught me to not just reply, to others but truly listen to their words of possible inspiration. I was so inspired that I did meet my goals & produced a topic subject that, I believe we all learned and helped others with.

Has anyone ell’s had difficulty’s in producing a Topic subject of great quality for all ??


No! :grinning:


It’s a good thing your ideas hit a wall.

If you were very successful at helping everyone solve all their poker problems and life issues, we might

possibly end up living in a perfect world.

Quality over quantity would negate our poker marathons.

A post with great quality needs perfect grammar.

It needs to be clear, concise and complete.

Creating great quality for all seems an impossible task.

Who needs to hit it out of the ballpark every time?

Settle for a single and wait for someone else on the team to move the players along so to speak.

A team effort here to produce quality after a few tries to get it right.

Nothing wrong with that two-cent approach.

There you have it.

My two-cents worth.

Why do I feel like I just hit into a double play?


Thank you for you comments @Excaliburns . Everyone has there choice of a way to get to the perfect world if they choose. But for me & my family, the perfect world is with the Grace & Love of my Lord & savior. :pray: & love for everyone is Powerful !!

Having difficulty in producing a topic subject of great quality for all to enjoy?

I would say if one had no difficulty, then they would be more likely to be the life of the party.

Every participant would be happy to see him/her enter through the door and receive a warm welcome.

Imagine Robin Williams posting on Replay.

Nanu Nanu!