Halloween Marathon Ticket Issues 10/25/23

We’re aware of an issue with the Halloween Marathon Week 2 Tickets not being accepted in today’s Texas Hold’em tournaments. We have been able to fix this issue for the rest of the week though the tournaments already announced for today were not able to be resolved in time. Because of this, we will be going back after the tournaments finish and refunding all entries.

Thank you for your patience as we have worked to resolve this issue and good luck at the tables!


Darf man fragen wie dann diese “Rückerstattung” abläuft? (ablaufen soll)?
Auf meine letzte warte ich seit Monaten und habe es aufgegeben.
Hinterher hieß es dann lapidar, es findet keine Rückerstattung statt.
Anders gefragt:
Kann man sich darauf verlassen, dass eine Rückerstattung in jedem Fall stattfindet?

May I ask how this “refund” works? (should expire)?
I’ve been waiting for my last one for months and have given up.
Afterwards they said succinctly that there would be no refund.
In other words:
Can you rely on a refund in any case?


Hallo @Oheim777 ,
ich habe um 11:15 gespielt, Chips dafür bezahlt, um 12:30 den Support deswegen benachrichtigt, und um 19:21 kamen meine Chips zurück. Dieses Mal hat es zumindest geklappt. Alle Zeiten in MESZ.
Mit den Omaha Spielen hat es ja wohl keine Probleme gegeben, ich hatte aber keine Zeit zu spielen.
Allerdings fehlen mir für Donnerstag zwei Hold’em MTTs in den Favoriten. Als Nicht-Favoriten sind sie aber vorhanden. Chaos.




Oct 25, 2023, 05:29 CDT

i played today on Halloween Marathon. It didn’t accept my ticket, i had to pay 10k chips for playing. I hope i can get them back. All had this problem, Mod. Jonahh sent a message to staff. All to see on MTT Lobby:


Hi Poki65,

Thanks for the confirmation. Our Team was able to fix the issue for the rest of the week though the Week 2 Hold’em tournaments already announced for today were not able to be resolved in time. Because of this, we will be going back after the tournaments finish and refunding all entries.

Please continue to register for the Week 2 Tournaments, and if they’re taking chips for you instead of tickets, our system will automatically refund your chips once the tournament is finished running.

I hope that helps, but please let me know if you have any questions.


I have now this problem on the new Halloween Hold’em MTTs for tomorrow:


Hi Kristine,

As far as the refunding goes, it certainly is not automatic.

I played a game last night, and ended up 25th. I got my final ticket, but…

The system should have refunded my 10k, and subtract one of my week2 tickets, but this did not happen.

Now, I might not mind it too much, as there are still enough week2 tournaments to play for, but the system does not work as intended.

Cheers, J.

Played tour 6278673, paid chips, no refund, I am sure I am not alone. :slight_smile:

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It was this tournament:


I looked today back to it and saw on the messages what happend there.
And i laughed many:


Nice, lol. I’m sure you get your chips back, but not auto-refund.
I played the next Hold’em 6 hours later, and the next 2 MTTs too, and all accepted my tickets. No problems there.


I have now received my refund, thank you very much.

In fairness though, I feel obliged to inform you good people that you forgot to subtract one of the Week2 tickets from my account.

Now if it is a gift, I thank you again, if it is an oversight, you can now remedy it.

Cheers, J.

Tomorrow is multitabling again. Hold’em and Omaha at same time:


German times.
Looks like a Hold’em extra game because the issues.

You were right, I got my chips back, thank you replay. I still have tickets for sale … cheap :slight_smile:


Hi, Since this is my first post, I’m not exactly sure where to post this comment but I have really enjoyed the Halloween Marathon. I have also enjoyed getting the 50K and 100K tickets for signing in because I never play in games that high. Thank you Replay Poker. You folks are awesome.