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I just got thru laying in game id

for the 353839. for the last 11000 points geil 123 did not play and farttrumpet did and he lost out on one of the tickets. geil123 should not have won a ticket.

If I understand this correctly, I am assuming that geil123 was a “ghost” and farttrumpet was not. That is a situation that occurs on a daily basis on this site and many others. It is a conundrum that we all face and all have addressed. I agree with your concern and hope that one day we will come up with a solution, that is amicable to all. My proposal is and has been that if a player is absent more than “10” hands that he/she (with proper warning) will be eliminated from the tournament, This elimination occurs in ring games so it should also occur in MTT and SnG. Dunno if this helps but lets shoot it on up and see. See you at the tables and GL my friend.

And lets be a small tad grateful for all the WORK done by replay, to make our LEISURE time enjoyable. Just a thought!!