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Who is dvar I was playing against him , yet after making the final table he was not listed as a player also cant fine him under seach , and whe I clicked to see his ranking , all it showed was myself someone explain ???

Hello Killshoot.

I think maybe you had a typo in the user name you searched for. Dvar doesn’t exist as a Replaypoker user you are correct. But that is the only logical explanation I can surmise.


Actually I have seen this exact same situation a few times over the years and the explanation I got was that the player in question deleted his/her acct right after the game . That answer made no sense to me , but just letting you know the reply back that I got.I tried to look for it here on the forums page but I can’t go back that far, it was years ago.After lots of back and forth posting I finally just let it go . There never was a logical explanation. , at least not to me.

Interesting, and I never thought of that as a solution.



Wasn’t a solution when a few days later you see the player in question again, playing. Play a game delete your acct , a few days later reopen your acct then close it again after the game and you don’t even show as registered in the game lobby.BTW said players had a decent amount of chips in their acct at the time.

I’m going to chalk that one up to just “strange”. :grey_question:


Actually, there is an additional possible explanation. If a player has a hyphen (-) or an underline (_) as part of their name (either before or after), that doesn’t always show at the table and sometimes not in the forums, either. Maya- for example. Sometimes these players changed their name to the new one. If you don’t type it in perfectly, it won’t show in Search. I am the voice of experience and Jancee taught me the trick. Try it that way, you may get lucky.

I clicked right on the player from the table , which usually brings up the profile page , it showed my profile page instead of the player who I was searching for.

I’ve see this. Like you said, it’s when someone deletes their profile

So if they delete their profile , I would still see them as a player and shouldn’t see my profile page instead and if they are in the middle of a game I am sure they didn’t deleted their account while playing. Anyway I will drop it , I didn’t get any answers that made sense years ago and don’t expect to get any now . All i ended up doing was getting myself banned from talking on the forums , so won’t comment anymore on this Topic.Was all different Moderators back then but still the same answers .

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I was agreeing with you. I thought when you clicked on someone and saw your profile instead of theirs it meant they’d deleted their profile

I’ve only ever encountered this if I’m watching a replay of a hand though, never during a game or tournament

oh ok … sorry

Hi, DVAR changed their username.

They do appear in the Lobby, as their new username.

Whenever you replay a hand ID with a subsequently deactivated account or an account which has changed their username, you see your own Avatar because there is no valid profile page to send you to.

When someone has changed their username, it would defeat the object of changing it (in some cases) if anyone could replay an old hand of theirs and go to their new profile.

When someone has deactivated there is no username to take you to, but it comes back if they reactivate.


All I am going to say is KARMA If you have to lie and cheat to win and you can sleep at night , then that just makes you a low life slim ball that drives me even harder to beat , I have never bought chips and never will AND I sleep like a baby truth and honor always provail

I don’t understand why some people say :I neverbought chips and never will" as if it’s a badge of honor…without players buying chips no one would be playing here lol


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I agree with you 100%… no shame in buying chips to support a site you enjoy playing on… the only annoying part is players assume that if you have a good bankroll that you must have bought , which is why there are comments made like I never bought chips and never will.

@killshoot “All I am going to say is KARMA If you have to lie and cheat to win and you can sleep at night , then that just makes you a low life slim ball that drives me even harder to beat” Are you calling me a low life slim ball who cheats ?

I see it as a personal challenge. Building my bank by taking chips from other players is more satisfying than simply pulling out my credit card. I was recently playing against a gentleman with 5 million in his bank, his rank is just over 2,000 but he only started playing here this July.

And, yes, I am supporting the site if my bank is filled with chips other players paid for. Like the player above I mentioned who gave me 120k during that round, who will soon be buying more. It’s a service I’m happy to provide. You’re welcome.


i agree daff, i never thought of it that way but u are right and it is true, if we are taking boat loads of chips from players, then we are in essence giving them a more probable chance of them running out and having to buy more chips. so the high skilled player is contributing to making the player break out the credit card again, they are just paying more to learn the game over time until they dont have to buy anymore. so supporting the site on both ends is a great thing and keeps us playing on the site. its a win win win situation for all 3, both players and replay the site.

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I was also wondering what killshoot was talking about and to whom??