Wrong name displayed

hey replay paul !!!please tell me just how when I was cking others players game ststs an click on there picture how my stats appeared 4 theres an all the others players tht was on the table on lake conn phantomdragon is one player , but what makes me the madest is tht instead of my player name on my profile it showed it was my real name tht showed. now can u tell me just how this can happen on this site with ur sec u ??? have this should NEVER HAPPEN. AN I am very disappointed an upset angry about this. an ill will be checking futher in to this matter , no one has my real name but ur site an to display it in this manner is unexcuseable. I do want a answer from u paul immedly.

Hmm, as far as I can tell, we don’t have a stored record of your real name anywhere – just your username and email address. You may want to look into some anti-spyware solutions just in case, such as Microsoft Security Essentials, Malwarebytes, or Spybot.

If it happens again, try to snag a screenshot so we can investigate. It’s also possible you saw another player with a similar name. =)

sometimes i getting sms from a friend and notification are come on my email, i open email and see her real name where is her picture and also i have a email from your support team where they call me by my real name which i never gived to you, and its written correct , when i give my name on chat i do it in Spanish, but in your email i have my real name in my mother language but written in latin letters. here is only 2 players are know my real name and one of them my full name…

Potentially related: A bug that causes clicking on the default profile image to link your personal profile edit page instead of popping up the picture – but it’s not displaying erroneous information anywhere. (Should be fixed; just needs to be deployed.)

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