Friend requests

Could friend requests be added as a notification item?

I just opened my friend request menu and saw I had 90+ pending. The system doesn’t notify you when you have a friend request, and most of the ones I’ve sent have gone unanswered.

excellent idea!!

You should be able to see a red number up at the top of your Dashboard, with your PMs and other notifications:

You’ll also get an e-mail if you have the “Receive friend requests” checked in your Settings menu. Is there a different method you’d like to see for friend request notifications?

i never get the red number above friend request,just messages

Just had someone send me a request - no notice appears in the RP display. I only found out because an email was sent and I happened to check it between games. It would be nice if a little alert above the friend icon would appear when a request comes in as well as for when 1 is accepted.

I’ve never seen the red number above the friend icon in the dashboard, but I have 50+ pending requests. I use both Chrome and Safari, and haven’t ever seen it pop up on either.

The red number thing used to work when I first joined but now hasn’t for over a year, does show though if someone accepts a request from me.

I can see that when moderators send me a friends requests or when my request was accepted.

It is gone for a month or 2/3 for me, reported it but nothing is done about it.

Thanks for the reports! Going to find out why those notifications aren’t working for everyone. If it works correctly, it should do exactly what you’re asking for.

For those of you who aren’t getting the red number and have your friend request notifications turned on, do you get e-mail alerts, or are those missing for any of you as well? @1Warlock mentioned getting them, but want to know whether that’s also behaving inconsistently.

I also get the email notification just not the red number… thanks for looking into this.