Expand Friends List

Why not use the whole right side of the page for Friends instead of having to scroll down to see. The space is there. Please consider. Thanks


I agree…extending the pop-up list would be helpful.

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Thanks for the response and positive input. The Friends Online popup list showing 10 or 15 Friends would be nice:-D

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What I’d like to see is a way to tell who I’ve extended a friend request to that hasn’t responded. That shouldn’t be difficult to do. Some people simply don’t look for requests, others ignore them and some decline. But, since their status in the table pop up boxes changes to “remove from friends” as soon as we invite someone, there’s no way to tell if they accepted except to scroll through our whole friend list. I find that if I invite 3, 1 might accept. That means 2/3s of those I see as friends in the table pops up really aren’t. Confusing. Even if they weren’t marked as friends unless they accepted would work.