Did not see Friend request notification

It doesn’t matter to me really because I’ll talk to anyone. However, I’ve logged in at least every other day since I joined in late January and never saw a ‘notification’ in the little area at the top of the screen next to message notifcations until (out of random curiosity) I clicked on it today. To my surprise, there were requests there… some over a couple of weeks old.

Because there was nothing there to indicate to me that there was, indeed, a “new” notification I didn’t bother with it. I feel like I slighted people who sent the request out and that was certainly not my intent.

Has anyone else mentioned this? Just felt like I should share in case anyone hasn’t. A little number or something (along the lines of what Facebook does) would probably be helpful to your site in this regard so people actually know they were contacted in some fashion.

Otherwise, it’s a great site! Keep up the good work.

I have noticed as well. I put an email alert on that so it kinda works okay, but he’d be great to have a notification next to the friends icon.

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