Freeroll Tournament start delay

Has anybody else noticed the start delay for the Daily Freeroll tournaments? Happened at the same time yesterday, this is the Omaha daily one which is due to start at 10:45 GMT.

4 minutes after the scheduled start time, it still says Preparing your seat…, the number of entrants stays the same and none of the tables are open.



5 minutes later I am able to Open the table, then another 2 minutes before the tournament starts. Seems to be a new issue I’ve not seen before.

I’m not aware about other tournaments, just these Daily Freeroll ones at the moment.

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Hello, had the same issue a time or two. Know of no remedy as yet. Great poker site. GL at the tables.

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I’ve only seen it happen very recently, suggesting it’s something new. Something to keep an eye on I guess. Thanks.

Yes, I’ve seen it and it was also a Freeroll tourney. Strange part, it started after about 5 - 10 minutes and I noticed a number of players had already left. I accidentally noticed because I went to read the Forum and happened to come back to the Lobby page and noticed it was playing.

Howdy Beer, same here, I started seeing the issue on free rolls, about a month ago maybe 3 times per week. I was hoping Replay was inserting an update. However its still happening so, I doubt that’s the case. Here’s you a beer, catch and GL at the tables!


Every Multi Tournament has had issues for me. Freezes upon start, freezes moving tables, freezes even when actually make it half way thru a tournament. What is happening with the site to cause such destructive issues for players? I no longer play cards here and instead wish to even be present to play.

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