Table Freezes - September Update

EDIT: This thread will be updated whenever we’re alerted to tables freezing up on the site.

We’re receiving reports about tables freezing up. I’m very sorry for the play disruption! Our tech team is already investigating the cause and we should have an update shortly.


Our tech team has resolved the issue, and all tables should begin operating normally again. Thanks for your patience!

We have some additional issues occurring in one of our Freeroll tournaments. We’re looking into getting this fixed ASAP. Very sorry for the trouble!

This has now been fixed as well. :slight_smile: Please let us know if you run into further issues. There may be some issues with stats not updating at tables, but please reply if you notice them not appearing for an extended period of time.

I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right place, but the “tournament status” section at the top right of my window appears to be frozen. For example, it’s saying that I’m ranked 54 of 70/79 players in the European Travelers tourney. However, I’m actually ranked 10th out of 23 remaining players, with 94 original entrants. Apparently other folks at my table are having the same issue.

Is this a problem with other tournaments too, or is this one special? Any way tech support can figure out why this is happening?

This is likely the result of us doing a server restart to fix table freezing earlier in the day. Those stats can go missing or be inaccurate for a short time after an incident. Please do let me know if you continue to see problems later on!

@fizzymint, thanks for catching my post in the other thread. It’s continued throughout the entire European Travellers tournament (started nearly 2 hours ago); not sure about whether it’s affected other tourneys.

Table 4092379 stats not updating.

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Table 4092389 stats not showing.

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4101415 not updatig

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It’s been long enough that those shouldn’t be related – will keep an eye on things!

Table 4107786 stats not updating.
Table 4107782 stats not showing.

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4107792 also not showing.

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games are stuck.

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Thanks for the report! We’re restarting the server now and things should hopefully be resolved shortly. Please note that table stats might not update correctly for a short time afterward.


what happens to the games we are playing?

MTT No More Sorrow is frozen. Help?

We’ll be refunding affected folks, and depending on how wide the outage is, we’ll have to remove affected tournaments from the leaderboard as well.

Really sorry about this interruption, everyone! We’re getting it sorted out right now.

Hi,I have been trying for about 10 minutes to connect to ring tables with no luck…I can connect here though :wink: lol

this is really annoying!