Foreign Languages at the Tables

Again and again I have to point out that foreign languages are allowed at the poker tables. The most frequent and vehement accusation made to “foreigners” who dare to exchange a couple of short sentences in their mother tongue is that they are probably trying to cheat.
Maybe it is only ignorance of the rules (or another kind of ignorance), but somehow I can’t avoid seeing in such reactions also an unacceptable intolerance bordering on xenophobia. Because, according to their mindset, “foreigners” are invading their private space with illicit intentions, and are using their mother tongue only to deprive honest English-speaking players (them) of their chips!
Firstly, who are the foreigners at an international site? Secondly, I might ask in my turn, which guarantee do I have that you don’t use an American, Australian or British slang, incomprehensible to me, or even a secret code like drug dealers (“The snow is melting here” to say to your accomplice, I have nothing in my hand, but I’ll raise, do re-raise and we’ll scare off that Italian woman) to cheat me or others?
Such an approach to this site, which is for entertainment ONLY, is simply ludicrous, and would lead ad absurdum.
So, please inform yourself about the rules before you utter your accusations, enjoy the international variety of this site and do grant non-native speakers who are not fluent in your mother tongue, the pleasure of an occasional remark or chit-chat without having to think “how the heck do I say that in English?”.


agree with u miri, its absurd to think that, this is a world wide poker site, only the narrow minded would think that on a free poker site, every country and language is equal on this site, get with the program people, geeeze, cmon now, for real


أوافق ، ينبغي أن تكون جميع اللغات موضع ترحيب



On the other hand, languages other than English, be they British, Australian, or American versions, make moderation far more difficult.

Are the non-English speakers colluding? Are they saying nasty things? Hard to tell, unless you happen to speak that language.

I would add that there are probably legal aspects to this. Yes, it’s a global site, but it’s based in the UK, and the UK doesn’t have freedom of speech protections. People can, and have been, jailed for saying the wrong thing. Could the site owners have some legal liability if “hate speech” is ignored because it’s in a non-English language?

true, are all us english speaking players doing the same? being able to flash ur seat how ever many times u want to tell someone something, betting a certain amount to say something, the list goes on and on no matter what language u speak. just find this to be a weird post because we are all here to have fun, not manipulate a free poker site with free chips.


You are right to be suspicious. One never knows what all those non-native speakers are capable of. They might be dangerous criminals!
If you think “foreigners” are colluding to deprive you of your chips, or swearing at other players, or doing other illicit acts, you can copy their chat and send it to a moderator. There are enough translators here.

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i dont think thats necessary, i think most that talk to each other are talking in their native language because its easier for them and have that in common and not because they are hiding something or colluding. i myself am fluent in another language and when i see another players flag from that country then i talk to them in that language just for fun because i have the chance to speak it which is hard to come by on here.


@SunPowerGuru - you stand accused of not having the requisite empathy, exerting your white-privilege and exuding toxic-masculinity. For these crimes you must be shunned. Shunned I say. To reenter polite society, your penance includes successful completion of a sensitivity training course, 40 hours of community organizing and no less than 100 posts of high quality virtue-signaling. Your case will be looked on more favorably if you also make a donation to the Rainbow/PUSH organization

Shame! Shame! Shame! ….


As long as I don’t have to take a course in gender studies.



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I think one should create a new post here at Replay: Secret Agent for the Observation of Non-English Speaking Players. With a reward of 100,000 chips for every player they catch saying: “Che deficiente!” “Was für ein Depp!” or “Merde de taureau” (OK, this might not exist in French LOL).
For the record, the first two sentences mean “What a moron”, respectively in Italian and German.

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Just to be clear… I don’t necessarily think they are colluding, nor would I care one way or the other if they are. I am making 2 points…

First… It makes moderation more difficult.

Second… There may be legal ramifications for the site owners.

What people say to each other at the the table, or for that matter, what they say to me… in any language, means less to me than a snot bubble from the nose of a newborn yak.

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The intervention of moderators is only necessary if someone complains or reports others.
You are free to report people who communicate in other languages, if you think their conversation suspicious!

If Replay made that rule, I assume there are no legal problems.

Since Replay is not all-knowing, I make no such assumptions.

Since I play here at Replay, I accept their rules.

Anyone suspicious of collusion can simply copy/paste the “foreigners” chat into Google Translate to find out what they are saying :slightly_smiling_face:


So do I, but that has nothing to do with the idea that they may or may not be legally exposed.

The fact that they moderate could (and I say could) deny them “safe harbor” status.

“…a San Francisco-based federal appeals court is ruling that, if a website uses moderators to review content posted by third parties, the safe harbor privilege may not apply.” Source

I’m not a lawyer/solicitor, so I have no idea how this would play out in a UK court if it came down to it.

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Personally, I am quite sure that EVERYONE

playing at this site is colluding to get my chips !!! Thankfully I can get more for free it they get them all,