Fool house or am i the fool? Please advise me about this hand, winner had 3 Js & 2 Ts, I had 3 Ts & 2 Js which i folded at the end because i figured he would win the entire pot. Is that correct thinking that way or would it been a split pot if i didn’t fold? I believe I saved chips by folding or not?

A strange question from someone who lives near Vegas :stuck_out_tongue: Of course, u’r saved chips.

Good fold towman5:) His full house JJJ 10 10 was higher than your full house 10 10 10 JJ

wanna know how u got 5 10’s and 5 j’s?

On ReplayPoker we have only 4 of each:))

The players share the community cards (10 JJ 10 9). The players use their hole cards together with the community cards to make their poker hand