Fixed Limit Table

Strange. I was playing in the 6 seat fixed limit table eariler and all of a sudden, the table lost connection. I waited and waited then it came back, all the players were there and it just started working again…

Strange. Here is the table info:

Nothing was lost. The game just continued.


Rick, are using a wifi connection, could you have lost connection momentarily? Do you know if the other players also lost connect?

No, I use a cable modem. I dont know about the others, but when the table re-connected, everyone was still there. I think we all were affected.

No one lost chips.

Odd, it’s been known to happen from time to time with our flash client. I don’t think it’s worth investigating further, as we’ll shortly switch over to an html5 client, that uses a different technology which will make it less of an effort to investigate. But thanks for reporting, and if it keeps happening do let us know.