Connecting/Reconnecting after table is loaded

Hello, I am facing a problem in connecting to tables, after it is 100 % loaded, it keeps showing Connecting-Reconnecting-Connecting. Sometimes it takes 5min sometimes 15min to be able to play.In between u can see a bit of the action.

Flash/Browser/Videodriver are all up to date.

I am using a wireless Lan in a sharehouse. I already disabled “Minimum Power Consumption” and “Allow the computer to switch off the device” of the wireless adapter.

What can i do? thx

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Disconnect after playing (1) hand. Do I need to make some changes?. Several times this has happened play only (1) hand and poof, still @ table sit again play (1) and again poof. Any idieas

Is it possible provide hand number ?

I see it was two tour with over 100 player 5 and 7 hour ago, thet time when the problem accour?

One player in chat “play now button not working”

I can see some have problem in other big tour (read lobby)

Wait for staff member , probably they will respond in office hours.


1 week and no answer

For such problems it is better to contact the staff (support) by sending them a message using the ? in the header or by email Also you can do a speed test. and mentions the results in that message also.

I got a tip from another player with such a problem. With a re-start and not open other programs (like Facebook) the tables loaded.

Perhaps other players who had the same problem have more suggestions also?

Sorry, this one slipped through the cracks. I’ll create a support ticket with this info and ask someone from the tech team to look into it. Our response will come via email, but I’ll also post a note here as well.

Cheers, Lesley

Sorry again for taking a while to reply. My guess is your having connectivity issues, wifi connections are often weak and a sharehouse sounds like you might be sharing the connections with other, which would degrade the performance further. I’d run a speedtest and a pingtest if I was you and see what results you get:

Feel free to post the results here for us to comment on. If your connection is unreliable then you’ll run into exactly the issues you reported. Unfortunately the real-time nature of the game, requires a fast, solid connection for a reliable and stable game.

so this is a on going problem ,when do you plan on fixing it.

or do we go somewhere else