Why my computer will lose connection

my computer will lose connection with replay poker when I am about to win a hand
and will return after my hand has been folded. This has happened many times any
can only make someone thing “what up” Think replay poker wants me to purchase
more chips so they want to keep my chip count low
Has this or is this happening to other players

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Ahhh… The conspiracy theory lol

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I could only guess its simply the new terribly laggy tables. Also a lot of people online ATM (COVID-19) almost all the time creates very high demand.

I’ve experienced lag & timeouts/sit-outs with decent holdings etc on the new tables. I doubt its malicious corruption from RP trying to get you to buy more chips. I dont buy chips. I basically only play low stakes if I play at all bc the new tables are so bad & unreliable.

I have this bug too, with two different browsers. What’s annoying is that always happens during the late stages of the tournament. Let’s hope it’s a bug which will go away when the HTML5 version is on.

So your experiencing this prob with the old flash tables?

The tournaments tables are still in Flash.