First page of the hands replay

Hello guys,

I’m having trouble since yesterday with the first page of the replayer:

For some odd reason it appears like this. The other pages are fine. I tried to log off/log in, change browser (Chrome, Firefox), change computer (XP, Windows 10). Any clue?

I’m also wondering if it’s possible to see more hands or older hands, 200 is very low but I’m guessing it would be a massive storage waste given that so few people actually watch their hands. Do you guys store the raw material, like the raw hand history? Is it downloadable?

Checking with the others to see if we can figure out what’s going on with those buttons. (Literally, just shared it to our team comms.)

Edit: Our first hunch seems to be that it has to do with having multiple winners in a hand. It looks like the spacing may be pushing the Save button to the next line. Still investigating. =)

But I can tell you we store all replays, if you have the hand number. We’re working on improving our databases to make more hands retrievable, more speedily. This is the perfect time to get some input though: How far back do you think is reasonable? What would you typically search for?

Jonas from the tech team is looking at the data to see how it pans out on our side, but… you know us, we love some feedback.

Well just as a reminder.
And then I can’t really give you a number because when I watch replays I don’t think:
“well I’m going to review x hands” I’d rather think “well I’m going to review this MTT or this SnG or this ring game session”.
So a really cool feature would be to organize replays by tournament/table/session. Say for example you don’t go too far and take the ring game activity section:

And do the exact same thing for the replays. You don’t even have to load a single hand before the user expand a session/table/tournament. That would be a nice place to start. Obviously having the possibility to add filters would be a huge boost but it has already been brought to your attention in the reminder.

If I have to roughly give a number I’d say, if you can organize by session, 400 would do the trick because it’s 4 hours of action if you have a fast paced 100 hands/hour session (which is massive) and 6h20 min of action at a “slow” 60 hands/hour pace. In a tournament/SnG you rarely play above 200 hands given the structures you’ve got (at least the ones I play regularly).

Hope it helps


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