Personal Statistics Question

This question is for one of the crew at Replay.
I’ve been playing here for 7+ years.
My stats show I’ve seen 222k+ hands.
I know I’ve seen a whole lot more than that.
Are a players statistics only for like the past year or something?
Thanks in advance.

This is the 5th time you have asked this. Your total hands are from when you made your account and started playing.

This is the first time I asked this.
Still don’t believe I’ve only played 222K+ hands since I’ve been here

Have support look at your hand history like I suggested to you last time.

Sorry, wasn’t really asking on the other thread. Appreciate the response. Pretty sure I’ve averaged more than 30k hands a year, I could be wrong, but really don’t care that much to bother contacting support.

Fair enough. Just trying to help since you’re getting no responses.