Better tools and/or interface for analysing past hands would be nice

The last hour or so I’ve been looking back on my saved hands, trying to work out where I’m losing money and how to play better. Anyhoo, I was really struck by how unpleasant this process is (from a UI design perspective).

As far as I can tell:
(a) there’s no way to analyse hands in bulk
(b) there’s no way to download past hands for analysis
(c) there isn’t even a way to scroll through your saved hands conveniently (the back and forward buttons go to the next hand, but they don’t skip to the next saved hand)

Assuming I’m right here, it would be really nice to get some of these issues addressed, since I was kind of under the impression that the whole point of the site is the ability to save replays of past hands.

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Nice ideas. I’d also love:

  • a pause button on the hand replay
  • the ability to drag a horizontal replay bar to different spots, like you have with YouTube, for example
  • something that displays your equity, at least when all hands are revealed in all-in situations
  • a snapshot version that doesn’t replay the whole hand like a video, but just shows one picture of each action taken


I’ve found that you can pull up your own Profile and view your Latest Hands (the last 200) and just select one of your hands or skip to another on the list and you can still go forwards and backwards.

It used to be you’d be able to scroll through all of them but, recently in the last couple of months the system appears to limit you to about 5 or 6 replays and then you have to do a workaround.

I think it may be related to the glitches occurring lately on the site.

I hope this helps