Endorsing players that get a bad beat

I played this hand a few days ago… I obviously got very lucky and delivered a somewhat bad-beat against AK Full-House - although it doesn’t rate as an achievement on RP… This is mostly a result of how the hand was played… Unfortunately my chat died so I had to restart my internet and had no option to say ty to the nh etc and ended up taking a break…

The following day I found myself playing with the same player again… They were friendly and gracious in replaying the hand… This player regularly plays similar stakes to me… we never “chat”
and rarely even say nh to each other & neither of us endorse each other etc… I play with a lot of friends I don’t endorse and nor do they endorse me… But this was a nice moment and makes me think about Endorsements nonetheless…

Royal 002

Considering Bad Beats achievements & Endorsements This hand would be a nice replacement for the Helping Hand E IMO.

It would be nice to give an achievement, as an Endorsement to the player that lost with the 2nd nuts AK Full-House in this hand… Again this player didn’t need to be nice but they were despite the fact we have no history being friendly etc. A shout out would be nice:

Strategy wise: I did consider 3Betting pre-flop but almost instantly choose to call instead. I’m SB worst position with a decent hand that plays good multiway…

Its a little surprising to see how passive players are sometimes…

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It’s always good to come across positive players. And any endorsement would be a better replacement for the useless Helping Hand one.

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You can always go into your profile, hit the hands option, pick a hand that you both were playing in, and once the hand starts to replay, you can endorse the person you were playing against after the fact. Often in an MTT, you can get moved to another table, before getting a chance to endorse. In a hand like you had I would probably go with the Good Sport endorsement.

Nice hand & nice play…

@BeerEagle69 Agree. In my experience I would guess that when a player gets a Royal Flush, especially at med/high stakes, its 50/50% on weather a player will make any acknowledgment and say nh etc. Its nice to actually meet the occasional positive players.

@kelvic1414 I’m aware that I “could” go back and replay this hand and E Good Sport or whatever. In fact I could E this player every day over and over again! However what’s the point? This player doesn’t care about E & for the most part nor do I, and if I do endorse them later they will never know who/where/what/why anyway!

I’d be happy to pay 10K for a Baby Bad Beat award to this player as an alternative Endorsement. This player lost with the 2nd nuts AK FH.

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