How do you endorse a player after they've left or the game is over?

Does anybody know how? Replay says you have 24 hours to endorse a player, so there must be a way, right? Any of you guys know?

I know if you go to your profile, click on hands, and find a hand that you both were playing on. When you hit replay the hand, while it is replaying you can go to the chat box, hit endorse, pick which endorsement you want to give, and it’s done. If there’s an easier way I haven’t found it, but this works. Hope this helps.


Welcome to the Forum, Danny. Great question! I am glad to learn this option–Had no clue! Good luck at the tables and visit the Forum often. We all learn from each other.

What is the significance of helping hand endorsements?

I think it’s a way to thank a player who has been helpful–explaining something or being friendly. It’s likely the least prized and least awarded endorsement, but it’s handy when it’s appropriate.

lol no. always get helping hand thingy when I haven’t helped anyone. this is why endorsements are stupid

I think just click on that person, then find the table they are playing at now and sit in on a hand there and endorse them.

I’m sure the helping hand endorsement wasn’t intended to be used this way, but in almost all cases when it is used, it is used to ‘endorse’ bad play. I’m sure we all know what bad play in poker means, but a quick summary of typical examples of being a ‘helping hand’:

  • Donkey. A donkey plays every hand but plays it aggressively. Someone will win a lot of chips if there’s a donkey at the table.
  • Fish. A fish flat calls with any hand - absolutely never folds (because it’s “all just luck”) - and chases all the way to showdown.
  • Bluffs gone wrong.
  • Very easily pushed off a hand because you think your opponent always has the nuts.
  • Player meltdown. Player on tilt, giving away chips like it’s Christmas.
  • Failure to fold a hand, when it was obvious you should’ve folded (e.g., you have top pair, but ten, jack, queen and king are on the table).
  • Limping in with pocket aces and losing to trash.

Just type in their name, go to the table they are at, play a hand and endorse them, that’s what i do.

Wish they had a DONK endorsement, i might not get muted so much using this endorsement instead lol.

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