Dream Weaver

I always thought Sharon was resistant to change…and I have played here for a long time. But I do applaud her willingness to try something new. Sure, if it ain’t broke why fix it is easy to say but if any of the 2 options actually work out well…go for it!! As others have said, Sharon may just be the best Organizer in all of Replay…and I’m an Organizer. To get 60 plus players consistently is just an amazing feat. A testament to each of you members and my hat’s off to you Sharon. Though we’ve butted heads…I admit when something is good…you may be sarcastic and roll your eyes at most everyone not a Con, but numbers don’t lie…awesome job Sharon, I applaud you…and admit it, you’re warming up to me…


Hap, just a tip: never give any team a name with the word “losers” in it. Bad for morale.

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the way I see it … w/ only 25 [layers per team and 100 player cap… it is a honor and privilege to play inn Dreamweaver’s league… I’m one of the lucky 100 players on replay…


I would like to register at the tournament tonite. I don’t have the password! Can somebody give me the password?
Thank you.

If you are referring to the Dream Weaver game, Helping hands is a practice game, not a regular league points game, are you trying to get in for practice?

Like Rain said Fridays are a private game for just cons , but you can play in the Tuesday practice game that is for all teams to train new players .

Ok Good luck. See you

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Where to vote at ? If this is a good place ,My vote in , NO CHANGE ,Option 3 .

Voting closed today , and will be staying as it is .


I don’t know if u can help me. For whatever reason, I cannot log into my account. I t looks my info has been deleted. Can you help me. Contact me by email:robertmamauag@yahoo/com or cell:808-754-3310.

Thanks Bob

@mykeikis3 Bob try clicking on this link https://www.replaypoker.com/profile/mykeikis3

Sharon, I still cannot sign in. Is there someone I can talk to or what do u recommend? I don’t understand why this has happened. It looks like I need to sign up again. I have a problem with that, then replay will owe me over 7 million in chips. The fist issue was never resolved. As a matter of fact no one tried to contact me after sendinf several requests, Sorry for all the problems.


I just messaged Replay support for you and gave them your email so that they can get in touch with you .

Sharon, I appreciate all your help. However I don’t think I have confidence someone will contact me. I never heard from them before. Is there any way I can contact someone. It looks like I will not be able to comete in league play until this is remedied. If I can’t this resolved, I’m afraid I may not continue with replay poker. I’ve had 2 issues w/them of being cancelled with no explanation. We will see what happens.