Dream Weaver

This is a league game where groups play in teams.There will be a few teams, the object is for you to work with your team to make it to final table . You have to try to block or take out players who are not on your team.
It’s a fun twist to regular poker since you must have trust in your team , whatever it takes , keep your team in.
If you would like to give this a try and be part of a fun group you can comment below. You can also send a friend request to Coltz (League owner ) or to me SharonSmarty ( his secretary :slight_smile: )


how many on teams ? structure ? beta/flash ?


Right now they are flash because they are MTT’s . We are just putting this together so not sure how many on a team yet or how many teams.

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So is it a full-on team play with chat, or still use clever
ways to pass information ? If its MTT, then random seating ??
Once more details are iron’d out get back to me…

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HI Sarah , yes it is full on team play with chat , no clever ways to pass on information.Being aware of who is in the hand and watching chip stacks is the best way to help keep a member in .The seating is random so you never know how many team mates will be seated at the same tables.
Sarah I have sent you a friend request so that I can keep you updated through messages .

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If there is anybody who would like to make a team with their friends to compete against other teams , we will be happy to teach you how to play as a team . It’s a fun way to play with friends and work together .

If we were keeping points today , but we weren’t the guys would have won with 29 points and the girls 26 points… boooooooo

HMMMMMMMM I guess no one is up to the challenge

1st game where points count …
Con Artistes 18 points …Poker Team 10 points

Poker Team 16 points… Con Artistes 12 points
PT monthly Total 26 ( 1 win ) … CA monthly Total 30 ( 1 win )

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Poker Team 15 points Con Artistes 13 points
PT monthly Total 41 ( 2 wins ) … CA monthly Total 43 ( 1 win )

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OK … so now 3 teams , so scoring starts from 0
PokerTeam 21 points ConArtistes 8 points and MoonmanTeam 7 points

thanks for posting sharon

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Poker Team 6 points Con Artistes 9 points and Moonman Team 6 points
PT monthly Total 27 Con Artistes 17 and Moonman Team 13

Poker Team 18 points Con Artistes 27 points Moonman Team 0 points
PT monthly Total 45 Con Artistes 44 and Moonman Team 13

Poker Team 5 points Con Artistes 40 Moonman Team 0
PT monthly Total 50 CA 84 Moonman team 13
Moon s team has been out numbered with only 2 active players for that team , and tonight con artistes had a great turn out so we also out numbered Coltz team … but a win is a win right :slight_smile:

New month so we all start at zero…
Con Artistes 21 points ( wolf 7pts,jazz 5pts, Beth 4pts,Red 3pts and me 2pts)
PokerTeam 18 points (steve 9 pts , Colts 8 pts)
Moonman Team 6 points ( Nic 6 pts )

Con Artistes 4 points ( star 3 and Red 1)
Poker Team 12 points ( Mrs W 7 and Tatar 5)
Moonman team 12 points ( moon 6 , sub 4 and Nic 2 )

Monthly Totals
Poker Team 30 points total
Con’s 25 points total
Mooners 18 points total

Con Artistes 35 points ( con 9 ,Beth 8, jazz 7 ,me 6 , and bear 5)
Poker Team 3 points ( Steve 3 )
Moonman Team 7 points (froggy 4 , tra 2, and Nic 1 )
cons had 8 players PT 5 players and mooners 7 players

Monthly Totals
Poker Team 35 points
Con’s 60 points
Mooners 25 points

thanks for posting SS