Poker leagues?

How exactly do poker leagues work? They meet up at a specific time and play each other? How do ya start one or are there any good ones you suggest?

Flemingo kid

Basicaly they got website, like They send players to RP to play, they got some credit on they website for be play on RP.

Something like thet.

Well, I just noticed “myleague” com is down

hi im paligirl35 head admin for Paradise Poker and we have a website where u can read all about us…there is a free signup…also a calendar that lists all our tourneys for the day and as a member, u can click on any of them and register for the tour…we play 30 minute games in yahoo poker social lounge 3, games such as sweet aces, high/low spade, suicide king, 69ers, and about 50 others., and for our no limit games we play here in replay, alternating between the 3 tours offered, holdem, royal and omaha…all is for free chips or ladderbux, no real money…we compete to climb the ladder to first place …it is fun, challenging, and a great place to make friends and to chat …hope u at least look us over …we welcome anyone who wants to join us…come meet our wonderful and friendly members and staff i am on yahoo messenger as paligirl35 or u can message me here if u have questions… thanks guys (and gals)

hi im trav790 and im an admin with Paradise Poker. I host games in both Yahoo and Replay and find that i have met my best friends in the league . It is more than just playing poker, its laughing and joking around and becoming close to the group we play with. The games are fun and I look forward to playing in the tourneys we hold both in the afternoon and evening. If there are any questions or if I can guide u to show u where we play, please let me know

marcipan, is not down, the Ultimate poker league deleted their league on that site and that is why the link to them does not work anymore.

The Paradise Poker league is still active on MyLeague though :slight_smile:

Brent Paradise Poker Team Admin Admin Support

Thanks for the info! Have a chat with Paul friday I think, he said he will contact them. we see whats going on.

Just go to At the bottom of the page is a link to contact support One of the support team will answer your questions.

Make sure you say it is regarding the


BTW, if you do remove the Ulitmates Poker League, please do not chage our league URL from …leagues/2 as all our web links point to there.


Don’t worry Brent, your url won’t change even if we remove the Ultimate Poker League.