Daily Login Reward

I don’t want to sound ungrateful but its just an observation…

The daily login rewards are pretty inconsequential in light of the fact you can earn the sum of all the rewards from the 5 days by requesting free chips if you have none left. Compare the charts below.


Anyone who can’t avail of requesting free chips more than likely has more chips than that would give them any interest in the daily rewards.

What is interesting is the free tournament tickets that come from consecutive weeks. I think it would be more engaging to just drop the chip bonus and replace it with tournament tickets. It offers an exciting reward and boosts the tournament activity. Anyone low for chips can still avail of the free chip feature. But these measly daily log in rewards don’t really show much value to loyalty.

Well, you may not want to sound ungrateful, but I think you need to look at this differently. First of all, I see you are new to the site. In my 10 years of playing, the “measly” daily bonus you mention have given me over 9 million in chips! There are so many tournaments, contests, and free tickets that you are given to play with it’s more than kind. Have some patience, play smart, and soon you will have more than enough chips to play with. This is a wonderful site, with an a amazing staff, and they are more than generous.


Multiplying out the days to 10 years to bump zeros on to the 2500 a day and adding an exclamation mark does not refute the fact that compartively within the same period you had access to 29.2 million free chips. My point being your decade of loyalty is approximtely valued two thirds less than a user who logs on seldomly and claims the free top-up.

You do realize that the only way you can top up your chips, is if you fall to under 500. So, I guess if you want to keep losing, have at it. Me, I prefer to win.



This is Replay. Buy a chip package, they are cheap. Wait for a half off deal. That’s how I started.

And then begin your poker journey, it’s a good place to do it. :slight_smile:


That doesn’t address the observation I raised at all?

dude, there are no cheat codes here. no hacks. it’s a good thing. chillax.


Tycheck, you are a fairly new to this wonderful site. The log in rewards and the promotional rewards are also quite new, and welcomed by us “old replay members” as encouragements to play regularly and enjoy our games. I think it is sad that they are being criticised for the amounts given rather than thanked for their generosity.


Why do I keep getting told I’m new as if that devalues my feedback? I haven’t said or done anything other that state the fact that the login bonus is two thirds less than the free chips you can claim and that I believe that that does not value “loyalty”. Someone who logs in any three days over 10 days can earn more than someone who logs in 10 days consequtively. But I keep getting told because I’m new I’m stupid and ungrateful and sad. That’s a very compassionate way to recieve feedback.

The point of view is from a new player with a difficult time getting past a zero bank.

Valid points were made across the board here on both sides from their respective point of views.

I remember lingering on 0 bank in the beginning.

Losing on purpose to get below 500 to get a fresh 2500.

Then a friend on Replay, out of the blue, bought me a small amount of chips.

That was the very beginning of 4 years + of positive interactions on Replay.

This thread created by Tycheck is valuable in its own way.

Being new doesn’t devalue your feedback!

You’re shedding light on your early experience.

The struggles of establishing your bank which can be frustrating.

Better times are ahead and the players you’ve interacted with above are all quality individuals.

Don’t be discouraged.

Your frustrations are coming across at the expense of players trying to help.

In time, I’m sure you’ll realize these players will eventually become your friends.

I can say this because it happened to me!


Hi Tycheck, :smiley:

Please understand that I am not attacking you or your ideas here.

I am struggling to understand your calculations. The daily log in bonus is given only for logging in and caps out at 2500 chips / day after 5 days (premium members top out at 3000). You do not have to play or have a certain bank balance so without playing at all some one could join the site and log in every day for a year never play a hand, and wind up with about a almost million chips in the bank. Logging in every day winds up getting you a 100,000 tournament ticket weekly after 4 weeks. On the promotions page the site posts promo codes for chips and tickets to encourage play.

Chip reloads can total 8500 or more each day, but you only get those chips by playing and loosing. There is no accumulation possible there as soon as your bank stays above 500 chips, no more reloads.

Also, you may not realize it but, the new player signup bonus of 20,000 chips is pretty new. New players used to start out with (someone help me out here) I think it was 2500 or 5000 chips. So When instituted, the daily log in bonus was significant to newer players.

You are correct when you say that 2500 or 3000 chips is insignificant after one reaches a large bank. But the site does not have to do it at all. It is just a small thank you for merely opening the site every day.

I am just grateful that there is a place I can go to have fun playing poker totally free that has a great and responsive staff to run things and a great community to be a part of. I don’t mean to sound like a cheerleader but that is how I feel. These things do not arise out of nowhere. The culture here is due to the staff and ownership. Folks who, from all the evidence I have seen, actually care.

I am sorry you do not feel the amount of the daily sign in bonus is generous enough. Perhaps it will get raised someday. I look forward to seeing you at the tables sometime. Take care…
Peace! :smiley:


Personally, I LOVE the free chips! I am a new player, and I am truly grateful for the free chips I receive when I log in. And the 20,000 in chips I received as a new player? BONUS!

When Full Tilt Poker disappeared, I despaired of finding a new online site to play poker for free. I wanted to continue learning how to play poker, but couldn’t afford the monthly fees some of the other sites had. I’m very thankful for Replay Poker, and have enjoyed my time here. I hope it stays around for a LONG time, and I thank the folks here for keeping it friendly and helpful. Keep those free chips coming; we newbies need it! LOL



FYI, most of us just want to have fun and relax while playing. A lot of times it’s just to test our poker skills against some pretty competitive poker players to see if we still have what it takes. Or, maybe it will remind us that we just never really had it.

You have to admit this site offers so many poker variations which should appeal to most players. The part which I like best about this site is that the Tournaments and Ring games are offered 24/7 every day and you can play against players with different playing styles from around the world.

I think I’m following your suggestion to just do away with the daily 2,500 chip bonus and replace it with tickets but I believe the chips are just offered to allow players to get started.

My unsolicited suggestion to you is to start playing the Freeroll tournaments where you can win either tickets or chips and you’ll be able to build up your bankroll. Also, an even better recommendation is to check out the Promotions Section which offers a number of opportunities every month. These are always fun to participate in, which like I said before most of us just want to have fun.


I think it’s fair enough to question if the login rewards are actually a good incentive or not. The thing that always seemed a bit unfair to me was requiring the login days to be consecutive, especially because with time zone differences consecutive days for the player might count as the same day for Replay. I always thought it would have been better if the rewards were based on the total number of days logged in out of the last 5. Maybe making people work a bit for the rewards is better though, because I still pay more attention to the login rewards than I do the missions.

The issue I could see arising is that not all players play tournaments and there are players here for years who play exclusively on ring tables. Converting the daily bonus to tickets would exclude these players from that perk. Chip bonuses can be used site wide rather than just for tournaments.


I do agree, sort of from an inflation point of view, where there’s tons of chips out everyday, but only if simply the goal is to accumulate chips rather than be good be good at poker. Maybe tournament tickets would suffice in such a case. Other than I think the site is awesome of its daily free chips.

I would suggest that you spend your time getting better at poker instead of thinking about the economy of free chips. If you spend a few dozen hours learning charts/watching pro’s thoughts you will crush the low stakes games(BB 2 to 20) on here consistently. That’s about where I’m at. Been gaining like 5k chips per 100 hands on average at 10/20. Never played poker before this month.