Crazy tourneys

All players are automatically all in every hand until there is a winner.

Doesn’t take long, but it is fun!

Thanks for the idea. I played them, and yes, it doesn’t take long:) It would be fun to have some fun tables and fun tourneys, it cost time to develop them. But for sure an idea to keep in mind.

Thanks. Greetings Happiness.

A variant of this is the “all-in-or-fold” ring game table game. A while ago players played it here, but the game buttons were not implanted, so hard to play. Now i saw such game on another site.

Example… Players sit down with 500 chips (ring game table), after a bet lower than 500 (500 is the max) other players can fold or re-raise the bet, you can not call a bet lower than 500 chips. When the bet is 500, you can call and the hand will be played. In a hand the bet must always be 500 chips, When all players fold, winner is the player in the big blind.