Controlling bingo in ring games

…just a suggestion - have some tables (mid-lower stakes) with pre-flop betting pot-limited?

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Hi, Elysium_1, welcome to the Forums & Good luck at the games.

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Great idea! Bingo players are the bane of this poker site.


The Black Pearl ring game is limited.


There are actually limit hold em tables. They just aren’t used very much.

Being able to bet as much as you want is a big part of the fun of no limit hold em (and why limit hold em has never reached nearly the same level of popularity). Bingo play might be annoying but it is also extremely easy to beat and profitable with a little patience. Once you get a million or so, the high stakes games (like 500/1,000) are not as bingo-y. They are not good ABC poker, but they are much better than the low stakes.

ABC poker will beat every game on this site, at least up to the 100,000/200,000 stakes.


Thank you - I see the filter now! Appreciate the assist. :+1:

I agree in principal but sometimes I get slightly tilted with annoyance. Anyway, you guys have given me a couple of ideas and you’re right, if I keep calm, I can normally dampen a bingo player within 10 hands or so; plus come out with a profit. Cheers.

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Another suggestion, start with tournaments until you have a big enough bankroll for ring. I hated ring here and never played it, but once I had about 8m from playing exclusively SnGs and MTTs I eventually moved to 2k/4k ring and got over 100m fairly quickly. There are plenty of bingo players in tournaments but they tend to crash out en masse, leaving the players who are trying slightly harder. Plus the payout for winning is proportionally higher (like 20+x your buy-in instead of just winning the 100 big blinds per bingo player).

I still think tournaments are more fun than ring but no tournaments have the kind of stakes that ring has and the best few players that have stuck around here have almost exclusively been ring players (at least those who played enough to accrue 100s of millions). Buying into a 5,000,000 buy-in tourney is like losing 1 small to medium pot at elite stakes.

Appreciate the advice Joe. I’m still a bit novice and so can’t get quite up in that heady atmosphere you operate in. I played a free-roll recently and got 5th/130 or so…heart was pumping! It’s not often I can get 3 hours uninterrupted though which is why I like dropping in and out of ring games, at least with the straight-shooters! Thanks again dude.

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I would suggest a possibility to send “all in- dudes” together at one table and see if they like what’s happening, An other option would be to clear them from the table, after 3rd “attempt” all in. It’s incredibly annoying and even more frustrating to see them get a way with it by the cards coming down the table. I had double K so I called on him to end up being beaten by triple 2 D: ; A2682 and he had 23 in his hand. I needed more than a beer!

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I’m an “all in dude”. I would love this suggestion because I love playing with other “all in dudes” without the complaining.

I must admit playing the B&R where everyone goes all in every hand preflop is an absolute blast. Bingo is not poker but it is fun in its own way.

“Bingo” can be a good strategy in MTT/SNG. But don’t be stupid and go in randomly! Learn what are the top 10 starting hands for each disipline, or top 5 is better. When you get them go all in! Know when to see a flop, or go preflop. an example: If you play Royal Poker. : AK is stronger than AA there fore when you get AK go all in. Because 75% of the Aces are accounted for, and there are only twenty cards AA must hit an A! AK is more versatile.
I have played nothing but all in with AK, and limp in with AA ready to fold if doesn’t hit flop. and won many times. Try it, you’ll like it!


I would like to offer Replays perspective on this since it comes up quite regularly in player feedback. Just search the Forum for keyword bingo and you will see it is a regular topic for conversation.

First the not so good news:

‘Bingo’ play is a variant of poker and as long as players are using the poker software provided, i.e. the betting buttons, they are technically playing within the rules of the game. As such, they are not performing any underhand tactics and repeated betting all-in by itself is not something we are going to moderate. However, coupled with argumentative chat or disruptive stalling during play, we can step in to insist players are more considerate of their opponents.

As mentioned in this thread, some players like to play like that. They are using the chips they own in the way they like. For the most part, they are not setting out to personally ruin anyone else’s day. Many players who give feedback on this style of play welcome it because they see it as relatively easy chips to grow their Replay bankroll. Not all players who play recklessly are interminable all-in players. There are numerous reasons like tilt or just blowing off steam at a micro stakes table after a long day at work, etc.


We do appreciate (due to the regular complaints), that all-in players can interrupt the ‘flow’ of the game, make it difficult to settle down to a standard game of poker and disrupt a game among friends if they suddenly appear at a table where people are socializing in the chat as well as playing.

What is the solution?

Thats the million dollar question and we wish there was an easy fix-all…

Kicking players from tables for certain activities will be tricky, even if it were a realistic possibility. It is not impossible to have a legitimate reason to move all-in three or more hands in a row. If indeed any rule is invented and implemented, it would be fairly easy to avoid breaking it in any case by simply keeping 5 chips back instead of complete all-in, for example.

Corralling players who want to play in a certain way is pretty unenforceable too. Insisting players only play against certain opponents because they are unpopular with some folk is not going to happen. What if they want to play passively some days? Even if it were possible, who would be next? Bingo players today, limpers or check raisers tomorrow?

You can move tables, but then again, why should you? A good point to a degree but poker is a competitive game where the objective is to win currency from others. By putting your play chips at a table open to anyone on the site, you invite players to come and try to win those chips from you, dont you?

As a long time poker player, one of the frustrating things I see is players folding hands which are clear calls, simply because they dont want to engage certain opponents.Surely there is a case for adapting a strategy where you play more optimally and make the aggro players pay? Time and again I see players folding Ace - picture because it is 400 chips pre flop at a 1/2 table. How is this ever a fold? I do not condone the all-in players trying to burn their chips, but at a poker table any betting strategy which defeats and confounds your opponent into surrendering their chips is a legitimate one and if you allow yourself to be overrun by it, you should try to improve your own play, not call for theirs to be moderated.



I don’t think there is a way to fully eliminate bingo, when the chips have no market value and can be refilled for free there will be people who don’t take them seriously.

I would support making a general rule against “disruptive play” and giving the moderators latitude to determine what this means on a case-by-case basis. Some rules are hard to codify and just because you can’t determine guilt with a formula doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be rules.

I think most reasonable people believe someone who is going all in constantly is being disruptive and should be warned and then blocked. Likewise someone who is using max time for every decision is being disruptive and should be warned and then blocked.

I like playing bingo sometimes. But it’s not against the rules. If it was I would stop.

I really like the last part of chaseriver’s comment.
Players complain about players going all-in when it’s an easily contravailable and extremely profitable strategy for you, more so for the vast majority of players who don’t know how to maneuver a hand postflop.
Bingo players are often decried because players feel countered by folding too often and leaving the pot, and the crazy nit syndrome results in a player cracking and paying a shove with KJs and then there are complaints that you got a bad beat etc. etc.

Bingo players are not illegitimate players and should never be pushed from the tables, let them work their way through, make mistakes and improve, you are also allowed to give them advices.

Never yell at a weaker player than you which I have seen too many times at the tables.
I hate disdain for bingo players when in reality you should be happy to have them at your tables to take their chips.
If they give you a bad beat always be fair play, if you can’t mentally or technically play against them, move to another table.
Or much simpler if you really don’t want to play against bingo players anymore, take their chips and move up a limit.

In short, I personally tolerate these players 200% at my tables

I don’t think this should be controlled at all, but there is a relatively simple way to disrupt this kind of play…

Drastically increase the cooldown period for getting more free chips. Lose it all? No problem, here’s some more chips, have fun. Lose it all twice in less than 5 minutes? Come back in an hour and we will give you more. If you then lose those in a few minutes, see you tomorrow.

Nothing should be done about allins in s rebuy tourney, that’s just the way they play during the rebuy period.


It’s unfortunate but there is nothing anyone can do to discourage bingo players except to adjust your own style of play when “all in”presents itself. Most unfortunate we live in a world where everyone can’t go along to get along.

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Most fortunate that we live in a world where free individual expression still holds value.


Playing NL is like owning an “all you can eat” buffet. Every so often somebody is going to show up and eat you out of profits. NL means NL just like all you can eat means all you can eat. If you can’t handle the action, find another line of business.


I agree with this…Lottery poker :crazy_face: