Controlling bingo in ring games

…just a suggestion - have some tables (mid-lower stakes) with pre-flop betting pot-limited?

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Hi, Elysium_1, welcome to the Forums & Good luck at the games.

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Great idea! Bingo players are the bane of this poker site.

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The Black Pearl ring game is limited.

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There are actually limit hold em tables. They just aren’t used very much.

Being able to bet as much as you want is a big part of the fun of no limit hold em (and why limit hold em has never reached nearly the same level of popularity). Bingo play might be annoying but it is also extremely easy to beat and profitable with a little patience. Once you get a million or so, the high stakes games (like 500/1,000) are not as bingo-y. They are not good ABC poker, but they are much better than the low stakes.

ABC poker will beat every game on this site, at least up to the 100,000/200,000 stakes.


Thank you - I see the filter now! Appreciate the assist. :+1:

I agree in principal but sometimes I get slightly tilted with annoyance. Anyway, you guys have given me a couple of ideas and you’re right, if I keep calm, I can normally dampen a bingo player within 10 hands or so; plus come out with a profit. Cheers.

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Another suggestion, start with tournaments until you have a big enough bankroll for ring. I hated ring here and never played it, but once I had about 8m from playing exclusively SnGs and MTTs I eventually moved to 2k/4k ring and got over 100m fairly quickly. There are plenty of bingo players in tournaments but they tend to crash out en masse, leaving the players who are trying slightly harder. Plus the payout for winning is proportionally higher (like 20+x your buy-in instead of just winning the 100 big blinds per bingo player).

I still think tournaments are more fun than ring but no tournaments have the kind of stakes that ring has and the best few players that have stuck around here have almost exclusively been ring players (at least those who played enough to accrue 100s of millions). Buying into a 5,000,000 buy-in tourney is like losing 1 small to medium pot at elite stakes.

Appreciate the advice Joe. I’m still a bit novice and so can’t get quite up in that heady atmosphere you operate in. I played a free-roll recently and got 5th/130 or so…heart was pumping! It’s not often I can get 3 hours uninterrupted though which is why I like dropping in and out of ring games, at least with the straight-shooters! Thanks again dude.

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I would suggest a possibility to send “all in- dudes” together at one table and see if they like what’s happening, An other option would be to clear them from the table, after 3rd “attempt” all in. It’s incredibly annoying and even more frustrating to see them get a way with it by the cards coming down the table. I had double K so I called on him to end up being beaten by triple 2 D: ; A2682 and he had 23 in his hand. I needed more than a beer!