Could you beat Phil Ivey at Poker

Ok, slight caveat, what I mean is if you always had position on Phil Ivey, would you take money off him

What do you think ?

Probably not. He’s incredibly aware and intuitive–as are all the top players. Now, if you could guarantee me at least one Ace every deal…

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Yes, easily. No doubt about it.

He would be laughing so hard at the way I play that he wouldn’t notice me snag a pile of chips from his stack. Easy money!

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LOL, yes… I suspect his edge against me would be large enough (especially live), that even with position every hand I’d still post steady losses.

But that’s mostly saying I’m pretty bad. Online with a HUD, or against much weaker pros where edge is mostly never greater than 10BB per hundred hands, I think always being OOP would probably be too much for even Ivey to overcome, against a moderately strong pro that was still much weaker than Phil.

It’s really a question about where the Edge lies in Poker. Cards, Position , skill. What are the relative weightings of each. They were once presented to me as “poker is 1/3 Cards, 1/3 Position and 1/3 skill.”

But in my experience I would put Cards 40%, skill 30%, position 30%.

Food for thought