A beautiful BLUFF!

Here we see Phil Ivey make a beautiful bluff against DURR. This is a consistent pattern that I observe from Phil Ivey, he consistently out levels durr not just in this pot but many others too.


A more in depth review of this bluff.
Here is the question that a poker player should be thinking after watching this hand.
Why would Ivey 3bet and then 5bet? why would durr 4bet?
The reason is actually very simple. And this is what from a old school point of view trap play. Here durrr is trying to tell ivey I am capable of raising with junk and next time I will have the AA. Ivey is trying to tell durr, yes, I know you had the junk, but you know that I know you had junk, I also know that you probably know that I had the junk. Catch me if you can and next time when I 5bet it will be the AA or I might do the same thing again and when you do have it I am so smart I will fold. This is leveling in its purest form.

Also please do remember this, durr did not fold because he was scared of the 5bet, I think durr is smart enough to know that Ivey could of had the junk, the problem durr faced was ivey pot committed himself with the 5bet and it makes no sense for durr to 6 bets. I think if they were super deep such as 500bb, durr is perfectly capable of 6betting!

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The Triads were not as impressed with durrr’s leveling skill.

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mhmm, I don’t belong to any gangs. But durrs play was ok too. But I just want to add, this hand is not the hand.