Chop button

What are the possibilities of adding a chop button to tourney tables? When you get to two players, you’re just passing chips around, especially at the hi/lo tourneys. Any thoughts?


Hi, I used this facility a few times on real money site and it made sense at the time, but I can’t really see the point for play chips.

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I don’t think that would ever have a possibility here, at Replay or any free poker site.


That should really be an option between the 2 players because that heads up could go on for hours.

I’m in favor of it !

Hey Craig
This is the polar opposite of your views back in April when this subject came up, I mentioned I had chopped a couple of tournaments on a real money site and you said I was a big fearty (scared) and one winner should take all. A bit of consistency mate.
I love heads up at the end of a tournament and I am not limping in at this point and allowing the game to go on for ages is down to the players.

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Two features would be nice

  1. Pre-calculated ICM chop in tournaments if all players agree. Player negotiated deals are probably too difficult for Replay to implement.
  2. Equity based cashout option for ring games if players are all in.
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I changed my mind after reading various views ( pro and cons) Share the wealth, both are deserving and move on to the next game. If you want to
Play heads up for hours and can’t move on to the next game then good luck to you !!!

That’s why I proposed the chop option. The other night, I was in a 7-stud hi/lo tourney and got to the final two. There was no real advantage at that point as we were splitting every pot. If there were a chop option, that would have been the time to use it.


Agree 100 % after experiencing it during live cash games . Same thing applies here :+1:t2:

The main issue would be can you get all players to agree playing for free chips, I think.

Agree see no reason why this could not be a feature that is devolped - MTT final 2 have an option button chop or carry on - great idea

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I think it should be an option available to all , if both agree, no problem. At least give the option!

Agree @Tiggyx remaining players either all agree or not and give 30 second clock