Time Chips in MTTs

I love playing this site to test out new poker strats, ways of reading others, or play styles. However, one thing that makes this difficult is that the play timer is really fast. I know the point is to keep tournies going, but in a few key hands, it’s nice to have time to think over a play. This is especially true when you’re late in a tourney, and facing an all-in on the river with a moderately good hand. Usually, one would try to think over their opponent’s play street by street to put them on a tight range, then call or fold accordingly. With such little time, though, this is essentially impossible to do.

Since this is only a big problem on a few hands a tournament, I suggest that replay adds “Time Bank Chips” to MTTs. Chips you could play to get an extra bit of time to think over your action, say 30 seconds to a minute. This strategy is used in a lot of EPTs and shows like The Shark Cage.

Here’s a general idea of how they would work: At the start of each MTT, each player would have 2 or 3. In tough situations, they could use one or multiple of these chips to bank more time for a decision. After a break, each player would be reset to the original amount, no matter how many they had used. To use a time bank chip, there would be a button by the action HUD, and once you played it, your timer would reset to 0 and run for however long the time bank is. When your timer got close to 0 you could use another or decide your action. This would let player’s have more time for key decisions, but wouldn’t slow down the tournament too much.

TLDR: Replay should add time bank chips to MTTs which would allow players to add time to their play clock in tough decisions, like those used in EPTs.


I would love these in ring games too. Maybe when you sit down you get three and then if you use one, you get one added back every 100 hands played until you get back to three.


I like the idea. But I would like to suggest that if you spend a time chip, that information be made visible to the rest of the table, for the rest of the hand, or at least the rest of the street.


Agreed. They would also be able to see that your timer reset - meant to say that in the original post, but probably didn’t specify enough.

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That’s very easy to miss. I would want an icon.

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This is a great idea. It’s been suggested hundreds of times before though. If you click on the search icon on the top right corner of this page and type in “time bank”, you will get a list of the many previous posts and threads regarding this specific suggestion, and the replies they have received.

I have a feeling that this thread will also be merged into one of them later. Just a hunch :nerd_face:

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Thanks for the heads up. (pun not intended)
At least we can agree on this thread :wink:

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LOL yes. The other 2 are not us. We are different people in different threads :joy::joy::joy:
I don’t even know who the other 2 are. They just look like us. :rofl:

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What’s an MTT?

Multi Table Tournament

you have some people that take too much time now as they have to think everything out… Ruins the game and slows everything down. What is so hard to think with the time you already get. Some never have enough time as it is & they always want more.

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How does taking your time, and making the right call ruin the game? If you want a fast game, just play SnG. Time shouldn’t have to play a factor in your decision. If you don’t realize how long a simple all-in call takes, then you obviously haven’t been playing very long. Some people may not be able to think fast enough in the time given to think of all the possible hands a player could have. Obviously people would only use them in a tough situation, not every hand.

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I’d like time banks in games but we also have to do something about the players who run out every clock preflop just to fold or call. I mean every hand from the start to the finish. No raises, just calls or folds. I looked to see if they were on more than 1 table and they weren’t. It also doesn’t appear to be a connection problem because they fold really quick postflop :slight_smile: I think some of these folks have watched poker on TV and think it makes them look smart if they pretend to be thinking things over.


it must be admitted that there is alot of glitches at this site. and some players seeing others having problems so they wait out the clock so a player gets timed out

I’m playing the 50K satellite and losing the will to live with these people running the clock every freaking hand. OMG, its a 6-max table and its taking more time per hand than a live game. Not near the bubble or anything - this was from the very start. Seriously close to just walking away from the game because its unplayable like this.

Thank god - someone hit a 2-outter to cripple me. Get this over with please! Now I understand why there is a rule about this type of thing. Guy just took the whole clock to decide to fold in the BB. Come on man! This absolutely kills the game. Was at the top of the board but I’d rather go out than keep playing this game.

Ive got to agree with Comicguy….if players had any more time I would quit the site. this is not brain surgery…play your cards…bet your bets…if you misread a player one time…make a note for future reference…and go on. its just one hand…not War and Peace.


I agree with anyone who agrees with me :slight_smile:

I’m new here but looking through the forums the idea of a time bank has been proposed more than once. The flaw with introducing a time bank is that the habitual clock wasters will abuse it So how do we stop this from happening??

  1. Charge a big blind for an extra period. This would discourage the time wasters yet leave the option available when needed.This fee goes to replay and in a small way should help slow chip inflation
  2. Recoup 200% of the time bank over the next 10 hands. When you get a 20 second time extension your next 10 time clocks will be shortened by 4 seconds. Again it’s making the option available but costly to abuse.

Thoughts or Ideas are invited