Chat box

just wondering why we have to click in chat box every time we want to chat? never used to be this way, and wondering if it will ever come back.

yes its very annoying when you got to keep clicking the chatbox everytime you got click outside of the chatbox when it your turn to decide what to do when ts your turn to act

We changed the way the chat box worked quite a while ago now. I’d be interested to hear if others would also prefer to not have to click each time they wanted to chat. Perhaps the only time you should need to click on it is after clicking on the amount that you want to bet or raise with. Let us know your thoughts.

Thank you Paul, forgive me but isn’t that what we have to do now? I wish it were the way it used to be. I hope others agree with me, cause it’s a real pain every time clicking after betting.

Yeah, I think gopo it makes sense, when you’re betting or raising then the focus should automatically switch to the bet/raise amount, but after you enter this it should automatically switch back to chat. I’ll run it past the tech guys this week and see if we can get it to work that way.

The Chat box, as long as we are discussing the box. Lets expand the discussion. At present there is still no way to mute off table commentators that wander on to the table just to spew obnoxious things to get a rise out of someone. I still believe any player at the table should be able to mute the interloper anonymously for say 10 min. for the entire table. Yes that would be a good thing.

I would like if the chat stayed on instead of clicking on every time.

Thanks for the feedback 1955wagon.

B17 - you know you can mute the chat completely, but I guess what you want to do is just mute a troublesome spectator. That’s quite tricky as right now there’s no way of seeing who the spectators are. We’d have to show you who they are, then give you the option to mute them.

Also do you think if you mute someone during a game, that person should remain muted in different games, on different days until you unmute them?

So, Paul muting a specific individual (aka Replay Player) out of control on a ring table or tournament table is problematic? I would think if I can mute a player of my choosing at a table, it would not be a big leap to mute someone of table for the entire table. If not, well, this is your challenge Mr. Phelps.

Hi Paul, I just wanted to say that it really would be great to have the chat box back the way it used to be. :slight_smile: On a different note I wanted to ask you why when you click on see all of your friends you are not able to do it. Its been that way for a while and I know others have had the same problem. Thank you, Terrilynn

It works fine for me, where are you clicking the ‘see all’ link, is it on the dashboard? It should show as an overlay on the page. If it doesn’t let me know what browser and version you’re using, perhaps you can try a different browser, like chrome.

terrilynn, happiness pointed out the problem to me, so no need to explain - I see there’s a bug, we’ll fix that - thanks for bringing it to our attention.

terrilynn, we’ve now fixed this =)

Thanks once again for the suggestion gopo and everyone who posted feedback. We’ve now updated the chat box to always be in focus, so you should find it much easier to chat within the game.