Change in Monthly SnG Leader Board-low

Can you explain the changes in Low Monthly SnG Leader Board? The change says the top 100 games will be taken into account. What does the mean? Only the top 100 games count? How will they be taken into account? How is it calculated? Please explain the process, saying it is taken into account is rather vague. Thank you, plazpoker

Hi plazzpoker

Earlier all won tournaments of all your played SnGs counted for the SnG leaderboard (or low, or medium or the high leaderboard), how more SnGs you played how more chance on a high ranking on the leaderboard, there was a discussion about it here.

It is changed now for all SnG leaderboards. Only the tournaments points of your best played 100 SnGs (where you’ve earned the most tournament points) counts for the leaderboard. Or for the monthly SnG leaderboard low, or for medium or for the monthly SnG leaderboard high.

You can play more than 100 SnGs, but when you play your 101st SnG, it must be better than one of the other 100 played SnGs to go up in ranking for the leaderboard.

It is more fair now, before the players who played alot of SnGs were ranked high most of the time. Now you must play well and after you played 100 SnGs this month you must improve your previous SnGs (or by ending higher or by playing SnGs with a higher buy-in in that level or play with 9 players instead of 6) to go up in total points for the leaderboard.

Hope this helps. Greetings Happiness.

Thank you Happiness, I was aware of the conversations and was a part of it, I just was not sure how the solution was going to work. It sounds like it will work very well. I just wanted clarification on the formula. I appreciate the way Replay responds to its players. Again, Replay shows why it is the best free chip poker site available. Credit the Replay Staff such as your self, you and the other staff members are what makes Replay the best out there.

Thank you, plazpoker

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