SnG Leaderboard Prizes

I agree with the decision to increase the number of tournaments for the High Stakes SnG Leaderboard to 60 because 30 was not enough. However, with this change I think it would be helpful to change the prize structure or increase the prize pool because 1m for 1st does not seem to be enough. The winner of the Medium Stakes board gets 800k. It requires a much smaller investment and facing lesser competition to win Medium Stakes, so the 200k extra for High Stakes is not a great incentive since both require 60+ tournaments.

Also, I know that it is hard to form SnGs with stakes over 100k and to get more than 30 players for MTTs with 50k+ buy-ins, but I wanted to point out that for players with millions of chips the prizes from SnGs and most MTTs are just not that big. It seems like if I want to move into the 10s of millions it is necessary to play Ring, which is a very different game (and not as enjoyable to me). Maybe there could be an elite level of SnG leaderboard to encourage players to play for higher stakes.

Obviously, as a play money site, the prizes are not the most important aspect, but it starts to become less motivational to beat 50 people in an MTT and win 1/40th of my existing bankroll. It is just not as exciting to buy in for 1/160th of my bankroll or less.

In general, the site is great though!

Hi JoeDirk,

Thanks for your feedback.

An Elite level leaderboard for SnGs is not planned for now, every Sunday there runs a 1 million buy-in MTT with often between the 8 and 15 participants, perhaps that is interesting for you.

Indeed, playing SnGs, MTTs or Ring Games is very different, not only the play style but also the possible wins and loses, it is just what players prefer,
Not think that players who play ring games most of the time will go play for the SnG competition, for that you must play them regularly and invest time in it.

About the payout of the SnG leaderboards, for Med it is 3,5 million and for High it is 5 million each month, a lot of chips each month, also more players compete for the medium ranking than for the high ranking.

Is it an idea to lower the number of paid positions? For the high leaderboard the Top 10 instead of the Top 18? Than you have less but higher prizes.

Greetings Happiness.