Casino Winnings!


How successful have you been at the Casinos? On Thursday April 8th I took a 2 hour ride up to Maine and went to the Casino for the day. Unfortunately the Hold’em tables were closed and the only tables that were opened were the Blackjack tables but I don’t know how to play Blackjack. So I ordered a drink and went to the slot machines!

I put $20.00 into the machine and wasn’t having much luck for awhile. I decided to gamble and bet everything. At that point I was down on the machine to roughly $10.00. On that spin I ended up winning a bonus round! On the bonus round you get a jackpot bonus and 3, free spins and if you match a certain amount of symbols in those 3 spins your jackpot increases and you get an additional 3 free spins. This went on for a few minutes and in total I won $286.00!

Right when I finished the jackpot bonus rounds I cashed out that money then I decided to throw 5 more dollars in and hit another bonus round and I won an additional $24.00.

It was a fun day! It was also my first time going to a Casino besides from the Casinos on cruise ships.

Have you had good luck at the Casinos?



Glad you had a great time Marc and won some money. I myself haven’t been to a casino since the pandemic started and probably won’t for another year even tho the biggest casino in the country is 15 minutes away !

I’ve won some good chucks of change :+1:t2::moneybag:

Congrats again!