Road Trip

If anybody is interested in going to Atlantic city this month, me and another player have been talking about heading up there and playing some tourneys- perhaps one of the upcoming events at Cauesar, or perhaps some smaller tourneys at showboat. We got wheels, and cheap lodging worked out, so if yr interested drop me a line. Also we are completely open to replay sponsoring us in return we’ll wear their loge! Kidding, kinda… Fleming

You need a new cap with Replay Poker on it:)) I wish you both good luck there.

ill wear replay stuff while palying! Send me a nice black cap. Or some shades. that would be killer! F

Tatoo RP on ur chest and each cheek and you should be very popular!

Haha awesome! We so should get some branded gear made up!

i would love to have a replaypoker ballcap hat. Owww a t-shirt would be awesome!!!

We’ll make it happen!

How do I get one of those caps?

Love your cap Joe:))

We’ve done some research this morning, and seems like it’ll be quite easy to set something up. So expect branded tshirts and caps in the next week or two!

great news lets all have 1 well done good work please can u make mine a special t shirt saying replays most muted ty ballack hahahahahhahaha :slight_smile:

.-… — .-…

flem, this is a great weekend to play cash …i think you can win some money…i won 2600 dollars on thxgvg eve last year…took 6 hours but was worth it…i would love to make it this weekend but work has other ideas…all the best

yeah be great 2 see that u could make a free roll tour for prizes like first 5 players would get like a cap or a tea shirt or u could get keyrings with rp on them woukld be great 2 see thiss happen,would be great then for ppl to wear and promote this great site perhaps this would incourge more players 2 join the site