Anyone going to the WSOP?

If so, what events are you planning on entering?

Planning on Collosus

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Me too! Which flight? I’ll be in the last one on Saturday, Flight 4.

Thursday . The early bird n all that. Should be great .

Re The early bird , he catches the worm , ya know??

I always play at night so it only made sense for me to do the late flight. Good luck!

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Wow amazed people on this site are going to the WSOP!! @VinnShady Hope you have a good start today on that early flight and good luck to @MedusasEyes as well! Have an awesome time and good luck on the tables- go get that million! Keep me updated if something awesome happens!!

I’ll be playing the last flight on Saturday. I’ll let you know if I cash. If I don’t reply, I made a stupid mistake and didn’t make it through day one (PLEASE this can’t happen lol).

Howd it go? any luck?