Can't search certain players

Is there a reason why certain player’s(spelling checked and re-checked) don’t show up when one searches them ?? And I’m not talking recent RP joiners. It strikes me as odd. Thanks, Finn007.

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It is odd… you should be able to.

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I believe that if a player has deactivated their account or changed names, the search feature doesn’t return their result any longer. Either that or the player you are searching has gone into the Replay Poker Protection Program (RPPP) after delivering a particularly brutal beat on someone :slight_smile:




If the player changed names it must have been while we were playing at the same table,before,during and after I tried to search him/her. As for the RPPP,I imagine most of us would qualify at one point or another. Is it permanent and does said player receive a monthly stipend of chips,provided he/she does not commit any more brutal beats ? :wink:


3 scenarios.

  1. Incorrect spelling of username or member changed their username.

  2. Member has deactivated their account.

  3. Member has been banned temporarily or permanently from Replay Poker.

Hope that helps :+1:t2: