Cant connect to room

When I click on a room it keeps flashing reconnecting. This is happening on every room. Thanks in advance for the help.


Hi treefarmer.

Your message is from 8 hour ago and you played 7 hours ago. Is it solved now?

Let me know, please Greetings Happiness.

Yes it corrected, Thank You for responding.

Its corrected by itself or you think RP have some glitch?


I think it corrected itself OR it could of been my laptop.I dont think that RP has a glitch.

Thank You :slight_smile:

can’t get into 6000 tournament, can’t get into system…help

What browser you use?..try other one, firefox or google crome. But bleu screen dont sound good:(

It is solved.

solved thx updated adobe

was in a tour. winning would not let me reinter

Maybe your Adobe Flash Player need an update. You can find the link for Adobe here…

Sometimes when you move to another room and it wont connect it helps to close the table and double click on your name in the lobby.

Greetings Happiness.