Can You Check Please

Can you look at my table at 5:52 on the free play sat game, i thought i should have won with pair kings and pair of 4s beat me if i am wrong please correct me, but as soon as it said i lost it said table cannot be found before i could get the hand number

In the event of server problem, if the game crash the midle of game( including the last second) the original chips refunded auto pre-game/hand.( the anymated chips may not seen, but the chips should be right in the players bank. This show on the chat box correctly too.)

Would be great, if you send thet “lost” hand number, even the previous hand number.

Staff work only weektime, You have to wait a bit for proper check up.


Unfortunately right now we don’t have any easy way to check a specific hand in a tourney. Soon you’ll be able to access these from your activity report. But I can say that every instance of a checked hand for whether the correct hand won has always turned out that the system was correct. This part of the logic hasn’t changed for some time now and so I’m 100% sure that you must have read the hand wrong.