Just checking

i got a royal flush in diamonds and never gave me credit for it.i was playing in 2 tournies so not sure of the hand but i was in Tournament ID: #136370 or Tournament ID: #137553.i figure it’s just another glitch have had a few problems. thank you

First off congrats getting a royal flush! The more probable reason you didn’t get credit is because right now we only credit the award when the hand is showed to the table, if you folded, or all the other players folded, then you’ll miss out currently.

We can override the system and give you the royal flush award, but we’d normally ask for a hand id first to check.

well not really sure what to say.in tournaments around 95% of players do not show there hands so other players can not figure out how they play.i was in 2 tournaments at same time so i had both on auto muck.playing 2 hands,keeping track of who’s betting,folding,how well all the players are doing,who’s at your table and then on top of that you would like me to take off the auto muck and decide to show or fold at both tables while also keeping track of hand id numbers.you really can’t be serious and even if it all that was possible the table i was in closed because a player got knocked out and takes a whole second most times your sitting there ok table closed now where am i going so there was no way at all i could have skrolled up for the hand id.