Get beat by replaypoker not a player at the table!

check out this hand #152749586! have you ever lost chips taken out of your account let me know if this has happening to you ? I reported it to replaypoker support and nothing was done!

it was a 50,000 buying tournament I start with 5000 chips I call to flop 40 chips ea… I folded my hand I had 4905 chips at the table …two players began to play all in .when the hand ended the screen popped up and said you came in 41st place an I was out of the tournament.
hand# 152749586 check it out (jr1312 )

I’m pleased to let you know that replay poker support reviewed the issue I had and took care of the matter . an made me very satisfied with this action thank you very much replay poker support !!!

I’ve heard of many more instances when a player was folded, after they called - they clicked call and the table folded them. In that case though, you only lose the amount you’re in. YIKES! Your problem was much worse.

This could only conceivably happen if there was a communication problem between you and our servers. ie. when you click a button, it needs to send that response to us, if for some reason it can’t then the server will have to assume you’re away and fold you. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to solve that, if however you believe you clicked a button and a different action occurred, then report it to us, but we’re not aware of any issues right now, any that we may have had in the past would have been fixed a long time ago.

I’ve only heard several people say it happened to them. Now I’ll know how to explain it’s their server.