BONUS CONTEST - Name a new 500k tournament!


Thanks…yes, storm the beaches and “Away all Chips” or “Chips Ahoy”!

All In The Feel

If You Dare

As the site grows there will be demand for more tournaments at different times throughout the day so I suggest choosing a city within a particular time zone and using that as a base for all 500k tournaments. The whole group of tournaments could be named “Playtime Five”
As Greenwich Mean Time is the used to calculate all time zones, a tournament for 500k at 5pm GMT would be named
“Greenwich Five”.
As the day progresses we move around the world choosing well known city names.
“Rio Five”
“New York Five”
“Winnipeg Five”,
“LA Five”
As we continue we hit the date line and move into the future with the day starting in New Zealand.
“Dunedin Five” “Dunners Five”( Dunedin is my city and it is known to those who live and love here as Dunners and who wouldn’t want a tourney named for their city)
“Sydney Five”
“Tokyo Five”
“Shanghai Five”
“Kolkata Five”
“Cairo Five”
“Paris Five”

The list of great names is virtually endless and if, someday in the future a 500k promotion happens it could be called " Time Travelers" or “Hero Of The Hour” or “Face Me At Five”
Using city names should help to build a chain linking all those tournaments and help draw players to represent their zone and challenge others.

Smoking 500
Hopes High
Runners Galore
Fivers High
Dawn of Aquarius
Give 'em Hope
Bogus Catcher
Bluff Buff
Get Ready
Reaper Weeper
Bust 'em Fish
Mother of Pain
Plains Gain

Thanks to everyone who participated! Your fun and clever names made it difficult to choose, but @Chasetheriver has made his decision, and our new 500k tournament will be named …

Half Mil Thrill!

Because @Sassy_Sarah came up with a similar name first, and @BBlanco formatted it at 15 characters, we’re going to go ahead and give BOTH players the full entry fee for this upcoming tournament. Both of you should notice an additional 500,000 chips in your bank. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks to all of you again for your creativity. Don’t forget that we still have another contest open for more chances to win!