Auto top-up feature

Add an auto top-up feature which brings your table chips to max if you fall below what you sat with.

The level would be be checked at the end of each hand and your table chips automatically topped up. please delete my thread, I think better yours anyway. :slight_smile:

Thanks, but all ideas are very welcome. Since yours is about a completely different idea, I’ll keep it there for others to comment and vote on.

sorry, I missread it. :frowning:

Its annoying…makes me want to go all in.

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I’ve seen a feature at an other poker site ( which is in many other ways clearly inferior to this one ) which allows you to keep your stack always at your preferred buy-in level should it fall below it.

You see players here intentionally lose their chips just to be able to rebuy and be able to play great hands at full power. It really does not make sense to have 300 chips where the buy-in is 2500 chips and the average stack is 5000 chips. If you get AA in this situation it becomes a waste.

If this is somehow against the taste of some the site should provide at least a few tables with auto top-up feature.

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Thanks for the suggestion watcha. I did suggest it almost a year ago, but we didn’t get a lot of feedback. I’m glad you think this is a great idea too. It shouldn’t be much work, so let’s see if we can squeeze it into our work plan.

Good news! The new top-up feature went live today. Right now the only way you can enable it, is by going to your settings page:

And ticking the box “Always auto top-up”, then when your table chips falls below your buy-in, we’ll automatically top you up at the end of the hand. This way you’ll never be short-stacked again.

Next week we’ll add the option next to auto re-buy which you can see when you sit down at the table.

It took us an extra week, but we’re finally made available today the auto top-up feature when you sit down at the table. Don’t forget you can still set defaults for these in your settings page: - so if you have a favorite set-up you don’t need to keep ticking each time you sit at a table.

I need Replay to maintain my banked chips the same way!