Topping-Off and High stakes HU is pretty low

I think that there needs to be higher stake HU tables. The highest stake of 1-2K is WAY to low for HU high stake challenges. Also there should be a way to top off chips with out leaving the table and waiting a hand to come back in.

We have 5 different blinds in the high stake lobby. 1k - 2k // 2,5k - 5k // 5k - 10k // 10k - 20k and 15k - 30k.

Not sure what you mean with top off chips. You mean when you start at the table with 400k, you win and when your stack is 1 million you put 600k on the bank and you return next hand with 400k again?

Thank you for your reply, When I say HU I mean “Heads Up” or a 2 person table. The only stakes that I can see are 1 and 2k. For high stakes I think a minimum for FL of 10-20k would be about right, even 50k 100k for heavy hitters would be cool, (I’m not there…yet :wink: But 1k and 2k is more like medium stakes in my opinion.

For my other point, “topping off” means the opposite of what you think. I mean that when your stack drops BELOW the maximum buy in, you should be able to “top it off” so that you can have the maximum allowed at the table without having to risk leaving the table, waiting for the current hand to end, and possibly losing your seat. Say you drop to 20k on a 200k table. “Real” poker sites let you click the dealer chips and “top off your stack” so that you can re-buy whenever you your stack gets low.

Thanks for your explanation, now i understand “topping off”. I vote for it, hope a lot of other players will do the same.

More votes, bigger chance we get the “topping off”

I would also like the top off option. I know you can click on the rebuy option when you 1st get on a table but I would like to have the option in the game also.

I’m all for the ‘topping off’ feature. Makes for better play, better pot sizes and probably more happy campers…