Settings for always max buy and top-up in ring games

When I play a ring game I want my default setting to be 1) Buy in for the table maximum 2) Auto top-up to the maximum

There is a setting labeled “Always auto top-up” which doesn’t seem to have any effect. I have it selected and when joining a table and I still have to manually add chips or change the buy-in settings via the “Add chips” menu. Additionally I believe there should be an option for “Always max buy for ring games”


it’s supposed to work

I know I can change it manually, but I have to do this every time I join a table. I’d like this to be the default setting.

you can put these options and then you don’t touch anything and your chips will automatically reload without you doing anything

you have to select “top up if my stack falls bellows”

try now if it doesn’t work è_è I’m sorry but it always worked for me

Unless I’m missing something, I still need to do this every time I join a table. I understand it’s permanent while you’re seated at the table, but it’s reset every time you leave or join a new table.

I just tested and it’s true that the auto top up option in the settings doesn’t work :upside_down_face: personally I don’t mind putting my settings back every time I join a table but good remark

Setting this every time a new table is entered is likely a safety feature to prevent someone from wiping out their entire bankroll if they enter the wrong game by accident. Most players are active in more than one buy-in range during the course of a day’s play; that sort of mistake would really anger some folks. Is it really that much trouble to set it when you first enter a new table? Does it continue to work as long as you stay put? If so, the system is probably doing what it’s intended to do. You can always email Support.

It’s not really a big deal but it gets kind of tedious to have to adjust your chip settings every time you join a table.

I’d be fine with it being a feature that’s disabled by default. I’m not worried about joining the wrong table.

It is, in my experience, necessary to do this every time.

Have you also noticed that “wait for the big blind” option is not working. Join a table and you are put in the first seat available. I don’t want to pay 2BB to join a table so but, it seems, I have no choice other than doing it manually.


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Totally agree that is the one thing that I would most want to see changed in ring games. If Im UTG theres no point in paying the BB to just pay it again next hand.

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