Adding chips to the initial stake before falling to zero

When you join a ring game you start with a certain number of chips. Gradually these chip are lost and I would like to add some chips to make my total decent again. I do not want to top off my hand after every loss, but only when it gets ridiculously low. How is this done?

How to add chips while playing in a ring game – Replay Poker :sunglasses:

If you go to the drop down list under your avatar on the Dashboard you will see “settings “. Click this and you will see game settings. Here there is the option to check the boxes marked automatic top up and automatic rebuys.

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Click “add chips” at the base of the chip tray - add what you want, they will be added next hand. I hope this helps.

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When your stack is getting low and you aren’t confident of winning, you may want to add chips from your bank to your table stack. Currently, you can click the “Add Chips” icon centered above the table’s play field (looks like a casino dealer’s chip tray) and add as many chips as you wish (up to the table’s limits on buy-ins). Once you hit “Enter,” the chips will be added AFTER that current hand is finished. Once HTML5 is done, you’ll be able to do this by clicking an oval at the upper left of table that says “Add Chips.” It’ll work the same way.

One advantage to doing this during play is that if you lose, you don’t get stuck having to post a BB (unless you’re the next BB anyway). The principle is that you’ve merely reached into your pocket and pulled out more cash and put it on the table–but, can’t use it until the next hand. If you wait until the hand is complete and you’re now broke to add chips, the game treats you as a player newly sitting down–that’s why you have to post another BB.

@startnmartn ,
In Ring games, the option is given to you when you join a table for auto-top off and auto-rebuy. Also on that screen is your buyin, yet that is also the add chips screen.

I wouldn’t change globally your profile settings here, just click the dealers’s chip tray as Bahia said. This pops up that same box you got when you sat down. It says “add chips” and chips will be added the following hand from when you ask for them.

You can also during a ring game use this screen to toggle your top off or rebuy options , on or off, during a ring table session.

Edit: You can only access this when you are NOT involved in the current hand.
So after you fold, before the next hand starts… lol