How to start again

I was on a tilt, was getting bad beat constantly since 2 days, and I lost all my chips to higher full house and straight over straight, now I don’t know how to get all my chips back and I dont want to buy chips. Any advice?

Hi Dr-Wolf,
We have all been there, and really the best way is to use your daily free chips wisely. Play the freeroll tournaments and the 2.5k ticket tournaments to set you back on the ladder. Remember, it takes time and patience to accumulate your chips.
I am sure some of the other players will give you more advice too.
Best of luck at the tables!


@DR-WOLF, grapevine gave you the best advice: play on and carry on!

You have 2500 chips per day gratis.

Start at 1/2 tables and, if you are desperate to climb the ladder, you can play 2 (or more) tables simultaneously which will leverage your play. The problem with levers is that they work both ways: you can double your winnings OR double your loss! Make your choice carefully.

Kind regards and good luck,


Don’t play while on tilt, never put yourself in a position where you can lose all of your chips in one game if you’re unlucky, and never chase after losses. My advice to rebuild bankroll would be to play in Freerolls like grapevine said. Also, always remember you can lose chips more easily and faster than you can earn them so bankroll management is important.



sad to see you go broke, you were doing so well in the beginning. I can only assume that you played too high. Once you accumulated back some chips via freerolls or the lowest stake ring games, try to use a more conservative bankroll management. I would recommend something like 50 buy-ins for ring games and maybe at least 100 buy-ins for MTTs. Maybe these are a bit too conservative for the low stakes if you outperform your opponents reliably.

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For what it’s worth, I built up my bank by playing in almost nothing but S&G tournaments. Played a little ring at first, but found I much preferred the S&G tourneys. Played a lot of $500 3-max turbo to build up my account, eventually moved on to playing astral league 9 seat tables at the 2,500 and 7,500 buy in level. You can never win an enormous amount - for example, every time I won a 7,500 S&G, I netted about 24,000 chips. Bank’s up to almost 4 million playing exclusively that way for the last year or so.

Yeah - perhaps I’d have a ton more (or a ton less) playing ring games where there is the potential to win (or lose) way more in a single hand as opposed to slogging it out in a tournament - but I really like the S&G tourney format for whatever reason.


SNGs are the way to go grinding yourself back to a nice bankroll plus they are low key and fun . :+1:t2:


Thanks mate will keep that in mind

All great advice. I have something that can help anyone with avoiding tilt. It sounds very trite, but it works. After a bad beat or difficult session, close your eyes and silently repeat, “What is my next thought” until you clear your mind. It truly does work. If the thoughts return, repeat the statement. It will be well worth the effort.


Good strategy, thanks

I guess sng is they way tha ks will surely start doing that.


The Sit-n-Go’s pay 33% of the field-which is very nice. I usually blend into a table of nine…Then there is the table of two- Heads up.


I managed to lose over 250 M chips in one week. Typical replay. Get boat, flush, straight, someone always has better. Again, typical replay, never see in real world.


2 words, “ Bankroll Management “ … don’t put it all on Replay.


If you think that doesn’t happen in the real world, just look up some bad beats and suckouts on Youtube.

Free rolls SNG’s and also consider bounty hunter tournaments as even if you do not cash out you can get your buy back and maybe some more by knocking out opponents and another way to build up winnings and your bankroll. Good luck!

Continual bad beats suck! My suggestion is to log in daily to build up your free chips. First day it’s 500, then 1000, then 1500, then when it gets to $2500, it remains at $2500/day IF you log in daily. If you miss even one day, it reverts back to $500.
Good luck!
Your bad luck at the table sounds just like me when I’m at a live casino poker table. The only luck I have is on RP, but it’s cyclical/algorithms so hang in there!. Maybe just log in and give it a break for a few days? But still log in. You don’t have to play to get the free chips so can build back your nest egg!

It is way too often, and never ever in real world.

James W. Dinkins

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@jwd44tx, you are obviously a member of the “I’ve never read the ‘The Fairness Debate’ thread” club.

The short version is that everything on RP is fair and reasonable and matches the expectations of random distribution. Strangely enough, “random distribution” is exactly what we expect in the “real world”.

Please do us all a favour and read that thread. When you are up to date with the fact that anything that you might claim has already been claimed and debunked multiple times you may wish to demonstrate your lack of understanding by contributing a post to that thread.

In the meantime, do you have any useful advice for @DR-WOLF in this thread?



What a bunch of crap. I have played more poker, table games, etc. than you have been alive. RP is total bogus, with handlers managing and monitoring all play.

Judge James W. Dinkins(ret)

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